Olympus Endoscopy Equipment Universal Accessories and Components

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Olympus endoscopy equipment, universal accessories and components are required to ensure best performance of an endoscopy clinic. The working part of an endoscope is fairly complicated and consists of many parts creating a setup that can be expanded by various items such as endoscopic ultrasound probes, tools and instruments. As many of the components and accessories are compatible with a specific model, some of them are universal and can be used with more than one Olympus endoscope.

The flexible tube of the insertion section placed in examined cavities apart of the video camera, optic fiber transferring the light from the light source and suction/water channels contains a working channel for additional instruments such as polypectomy loops or biopsy forceps. The tip of this section contains outlets for suction, water and tools. It is also where the camera lens is situated. The insertion section is then connected to a control section that sends the video signal to the central unit via cord.

The multitude of accessories and parts are compatible with more than one model of the endoscope and may cover the need to work with various systems expanding the capabilities of your endoscopy setup. With the newest developments in medical technology, more and more procedures are done with better precision and reliability.

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