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Endoscope components such as different sections of the endoscope and modules being the part of its main body made of numerous parts and utilise many advanced technologies. In Endoquality we offer you the best endoscopy components and reliable service done by qualified and experienced engineers.

Nowadays endoscopy is a viable method both for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. The procedure is vital for treatment of diseases and disorders afflicting many systems, yet is mostly associated with pathologies within the GI tract such as polyps, tumours, gastric ulcers, bile duct and gallbladder disorders, etc. 


Understandably, the multitude of purposes forces the multitude of forms. The gastroscope and colonoscope used respectively for visualising the upper and lower digestive tract are built differently than for example bronchoscopes which are inserted into the airways. Different functions lead of course to the need for different endoscope accessories and components.

The endoscope components consist of a vast array of both rigid and flexible parts divided into the insertion section, control section, an universal cord and the connector section that links the endoscope to the main body – that’s where the video signal is being processed, the light is fed into the fibre optics and the final picture is displayed on a LCD monitor.

The insertion section contains flexible endoscope parts – the insertion tube, bending section and the digital tip at the end.

The flexible insertion tube has both optical and instrument channels to allow a certain degree of manipulation using various endoscopic accessories and proper lighting of the examined organ. A separate channel for gas/water and suction also runs through this element.

The bending section can bend horizontally and vertically allowing for 360* view in the body cavity. This section contains the most flexible scope parts and complex mechanisms.

The digital tip is where the cameras’ lenses, air/water nozzle and vacuum and instrument channels’ outlets are located.

The control section is a handheld controller for the operating doctor. It contains necessary switches, valves and knobs to control the inserted part and its functions and bridges the insertion section with cables connected to the main body. 


During the procedure, the device is pumping air/water to the examined cavity to expand it or rinse the lenses, while suction is used to clear it from its regular contents. Both the vacuum and gas flow are controlled by respectable valves.

The angulation control knob controls the bending part allowing maximum control over the movement of the bending section and 360 degrees vision.

Lastly, the gripping part connects this section to the insertion tube and other flexible endoscope parts and contains the instrument channel inlet.

Lastly, the  universal cord and  connector section are endoscopy components used to provide light via fibre optics and transfer the signals from the camera to the main body containing a monitor, an imaging management hub and devices used for example for electrosurgery or ultrasonic coagulation.

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Endoscope Accessories

Endoscope accessories are necessary both to maintain your device and carry out procedures in patients’ bodies. As stated above, an endoscope is a complicated device and thus it requires specific and complex maintenance. Also sheer number of procedures that are possible with use of a scope has led to creation of various endoscopy accessories designed to perform them safely and reliably.

At Endoquality we sell a vast selection of endoscope accessories from brushes designed to meticulously clean every nook and cranny of your equipment and bite rings to various instruments including, but not limited to:

  • Foreign body and biopsy forceps
  • ERCP catheters and accessories
  • Polypectomy loops
  • Cystotomes,
  • Papillotomes, ESD knives
  • Multiband ligators
  • Stents and expandable balloons

Choosing our endoscopic accessories guarantees the finest build quality and performance of purchased instruments, clear payment method and receipts and quick, direct support from us. We provide easy orders, stock status info, reservation of parts and favourable returns policy.

Endoscope Replacement Parts

Endoscope parts

Endoscope replacement parts we distribute are made with best possible materials and enable your equipment to continue working seamlessly after exchanging the damaged or worn off components. Our main goal is to supply you with the highest quality endoscope parts for repair and maintenance and adequate tech support.

As part of our team consists of qualified engineers with years of experience in medical technology, we provide both well known and innovative endoscopy components selected by experts for the best results.

In Endoquality we sell endoscopy spare parts for brands such as Fujifilm/Fujinon, Olympus, Pentax and Storz suitable for the repair of any of its main components such as the insertion, control or connector section. We also sell universal endoscope replacement parts that can be used in more than one brand.

Our portfolio of endoscopy parts contains:

  • Air/Water and operation channels
  • Insertion and light guide tubes
  • Moulded and machined endoscope replacement parts such as knobs and threads
  • Bending section related parts
  • Camera optics and electronics
  • O-rings and other kinds of seals
  • Cables, ports, connectors and other endoscopy spare parts not listed above

All endoscope parts for repair and maintenance just like endoscopy accessories come with clear payment methods, easy orders, reliable transport services, highly specialised tech support and favourable returns policy. Our shop also provides stock status info and endoscope components & spare parts reservation.

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